Mommy May I

My little mini me

My little mini me

Traditionally “Mother May I” is a game played by children over age 8 however this morning my two year old daughter has decided to test her limits and see just how far she can stretch me. No to her pancakes, no to her milk, even no to Barney which is quite unusual just “no, no, no mommy!” However pulling down a whole rack of toiletries with her super toddler strength arms seems appealing and frankly very amusing for her. Today is starting out how my mid-day begins and countdown to nap time is T 4 hours. So after cleaning up the house that jack built, cooking breakfast and finally sharing a meal with my family before my hubby runs out the door I am reminded of how my day will go and the fact that my more than predictable day has yet again began as all the others the only exception being I awoke feeling unusually refreshed. I used this extra strength to mentally prepare for the day and once it started I realized in the grand scheme of things one is never prepared for the roles of both a wife and mum. I guess I will take advantage of my hubby still being home at 10am and get in the bathroom and try to utilize my time wisely, as I sit I sigh a relaxing breath leaves and then a loud knock at the door “Mooooooooommy where arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre yooooooou?” As Lailani (my daughter) already know’s I’m in the bathroom but of course this is a classic time to need me even with daddy still being home so as my two-second sigh of relief ends and I open the door I see her with her patent leather dress shoes on, a pull up and her t-shirt with a scarf around her neck. “Mommy I ready to go,” in a voice all her own as I tell her we have to get dressed first, she then politely says “Mommy may I go?” I smile and take her by the hand to her room to pick out clothes and I walk into a small pool on the floor. Mothers you already know what this Barbie-sized lake on the floor was and usually I would be furious but today because she said may I, somehow I am not so bothered. Talk about your trade offs.


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