BMW No No's

You know the feeling in your gut that tells you to pass on a decision or that the decision you are making isn’t the best? It’s the time line between when you think about it and actually act on what you’re deciding. I clearly remember a time like this exactly 2 months ago I was at home on a Saturday planning on just spending time with my hubby & daughter. My cell rings and reminds me I committed to attend a birthday party of a close friend from undergrad. Hoping my hubby would attend so I wouldn’t miss yet another outing with real adults that won’t talk about the tender advancements of toddlers, I was getting more excited by the minute just thinking about going.

After speaking with Mr. Allison (hubby) and him giving me a million reasons why he didn’t want to go (mainly ego & laziness: my opinion on the unspoken background of this story) I became down and every time I ever missed a chance to hang out since I had my daughter was immediately uploaded into my brain. Feb. 15 09 missed couples dinner, Jan. 25 09 missed movie outing, Dec. 31 08 missed new years celebration. Trying not to let the wrinkles of disappointment show on my face I pitched my best advertisement on going out and even used the “for me” card and nothing worked. Well any other day this would be fine because I would just go alone but today was alike no other because we currently had no car and were proud borrower’s of his mother’s black shiny C320 BMW. It was a miracle that she was even allowing us to drive her car as her rule is no drives it, so if I wanted to go out I had to convince him to drive me. It’s a recession, we need to save, and gas prices are raising again, blah were his responses to him taking me. Why not drive yourself? Yes I am really going to drive your mom’s BMW so I can have my first accident ever in her car that just screams disaster I thought. However thinking on my missed outings, speaking with my friend whom I had not seen in a few months and mommy dearest shouting a million reasons why I should go (yes my own mother), I went against my inner voice and drove the car.

Fast forward to today we have had my mom in laws car for a while, I have driven it a total of 6 times (sad I know exactly right?) and today will make lucky number seven! Off to my mom’s doctor’s appointment we go and I awoke feeling so good it was almost scary as I mentally replay everything. I never feel refreshed after sleep, yet I felt alert, generally happy about life and just ready to begin my day. Driving switching lanes I am blind sighted by a car rushing to get ahead of me, Tap! Even with ever proper measure taken blinker, side and rear view mirrors, this guy just came out of the oblivion. Everyone knows it doesn’t take much to cause damage to a car and namely a BMW. The guy doesn’t even pull over to assess the damages he once over’s his car in mid traffic and scurries off and I am left with potential damages and no license plate, ID, or insurance info just a memory of a white Toyota trying to race for a turn. Well thanks to say there was no visible damage from this accident. However,  there was scrapped paint from another incident perhaps that could be falsely linked to today’s events. The agony for my husband in telling his mom the news showed all over his face when I shared the story. Thank God we were fine (oh wait my thoughts prevailed) I inquired about his mood and he said he was fine, I couldn’t understand for the life of me why his facial expressions didn’t match his words until I found out later he told his mom he would be the only driver (imagine my surprise especially after he was the one who originally convinced me to drive) and the fact that she may ask him to return her car and for an insurance salesman to sale insurance with no car is virtually impossible.


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