Paid In Full

j0400508In the midst of financial decline your eyes open to everything, things you would have done differently, decisions made without enough forethought, etc, etc, etc. We (my family) are in the middle of a serious battle financially we have lost items in and outside of our home and by the grace of God we are still living in our condo. It has not been easy and we have had our share of mini meltdowns to say the least however, the constant has been the desire to come out on top and regain our poise in our (my family’s) desire to trust God. Well during this struggle we had to let of a couch we were making payments on after reviewing what we still owed and the amount we would have paid once finished I gasped with laughter at the fact that I even agreed with my husband in the acquisition of such expensive furniture.

It was easier to actually  let go of the couch than it  was to choose it 7 months ago when we went to buy it, $2700 dollars spent by a new family with a child just staring out in a new condo with more rooms than we had furniture and we were going to spend that money on one item? Well I called the store myself and asked to have the couch picked up and yes we will lose 4 months of payments but we gained a lot more than the $900 that we lost. Is $900 equal to our sanity? Never! Freed up from worrying about phone calls and bell rings and emails about what we owe and when we can pay. The funny thing is after the couch was returned I really never gave things another thought until the idea of my family who saw the couch wanted to come visit.

The kicker is a good friend of our family is remodeling their home and wanting to get rid of a lot of good quality pieces of furniture, I got a phone call this morning and guess who she has chosen as the recipient? Yes, you guessed correctly my family and we are not only receiving a leather couch (which is what we returned) but 5 more items along with the couch. Can you say no charge? All in the best condition worth four times as much as that $2700 couch! I looked around my living room at the furniture we moved from other rooms just so we could have seating for the guests that never come over and reminisced on what was now those past memories our filled with the joys of anticipating new items. Rev up the decorating and design engines because I am definitely back in the mood and most definitely thanking God for all he has blessed us with.

I have a challenge for anyone who reads this and no it’s nothing I made up but just a test for you to witness the power of God for yourself and to get back some of the power you relinquish everyday you allow trials to weaken your faith and your mindset. If there are things in your life you can’t control like in this instance letting go of a couch I could no longer afford, it may not feel as easy as my story reads to let it go but try it. In letting that item, possession, relationship, or position go find your truth in it’s absence and get the power back. When it appears you are loosing something it’s most times never about the item, possession, relationship, or position (especially if you have done all you know to maintain or keep it and done right by what you were blessed with)  it’s always about you and what you have allowed that “thing”,  “person”, or “position” to personify in your life. For me now in retrospect that couch represented the financial growth and personal maturity of my family that I desired for others not only to see but to believe. My thoughts were “look at my expensive couch in my expensive condo in my upscale neighborhood”. When really we were blessed to live in this neighborhood, blessed by a friend to rent this condo, and blessed that God really came through on my husbands job with the best leads to make more money in months than we have made in a year and we spent money on things we were working towards all at once trying to immediately obtain all our dreams.

So again your challenge is to try and let things go without a fight when you know something has to go or is really over and then find your truth in the situation or your lesson if you will. Own that lesson and become content in the absence of what was lost or returned and once you have truly done that and give God glory even in the midst see won’t God replace what was lost, stolen, or returned with something or someone bigger and better. You can’t box God!

Ciao Bella!

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