I have less than 15 hours before I grow another year older, ho hum I remember I used to be psyched about my birthday but this year feels a little different. I think it’s the I’m too close to 30 blues and I wish I could rewind time just a few years back when everything (OK almost everything) made sense! It feels like the memories of my early twenties are so pleasant I had everything going for me with much to gain and really nothing to lose. I know it’s a Jedi mind trick that my memory is doing regressing the memories from that particular time period that I no longer wish to remember, however pleasant-ville it remains! No I wasn’t running through daisies and orchards but I was doing what I want and when I wanted whenever I wanted.


Only 3 short years ago and the saying goes “What a difference a day makes” right? A whole lot of difference or so it appears. Things for some reason or another seem so difficult now, you have to plan and schedule everything. What happened to good old fashioned spontaneity or just going with the flow? In family life you get those days maybe a combined 2 weeks out of the year if you ensure it. However, they are usually always shared by some gala or celebration of some sort that requires you to set aside time to attend a weekend away or function.

Raise your hand and say: I”M NOT TAKING THIS ANYMORE DAMMIT lol (yes perhaps I should have censored that thought but it was my real feeling and I’ll just take the flack that comes from my Christan network if there is any before I repent).

Well in lieu of my big day tomorrow today I’m relaxing preparing everything that needs to be done for the next 3 days of “Wifum” so that the focus will all be on me. For goodness sake you only get 1 born day a year and I’m claiming it no matter how bummed out I am about getting older.

5,4,3,2…1 Happy Birthday 2 Me!


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