Mother Dear

So many times in life we clash in relationships. With friendships, relationships, marriages, and of course with our parents. Alike many there have been multiple periods when I just didn’t understand my parents. Either awfully demanding or commanding or just plan old mean so it seemed. Though I’m most certain we all can find instances in when we sincerely disliked our parents for those of us who had true loving families and are realizing it in our latter years it’s amazing to see the true appreciation for your padres and their teachings unravel.

I am blessed to not only have my mother (and father) but to have a pretty genuine relationship where we don’t repulse each other during phone conversations and visits. We have certainly had our ups and downs without a doubt but in the end we make it back to home plate safe. Just today after taking my daughter to visit her “Bubbie” I realized yet again just how blessed I am to have a mother like mine. She’s an in your face, do as I say, be available when I call kind of mom with her own issues as anyone else but at the same time she is God-fearing, a true encourager and one that will make you hot cocoa on a cold winters day or pb&j hold the crust and add a smiley face. Long story short we haven’t always seen eye to eye and some of our extreme differences in opinion and others have created distances you’d thought would last a month or two but I’m slowly but surely learning even in those times somewhere in the the thick of it all was a message in her madness (for most). Just wanted to take a minute to salute my mom for giving everything I thought I didn’t need.

I unfortunately didn’t grow up with my mom after age 9, long story short divorces change lives. However, she made a fact to always be omnipresent when and where she could, how she could. It often appeared that a side of my mother was never available to me because of that and just recently I realized that we were working on mending that particular void in our relationship not more than a few days ago. Truly a personal revelation, and how convenient that this would mentally materialize right before this years mother’s day.

To all mother’s be good to you daughters and daughter’s also be good to your mother for you just may be a mom yourself !


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