My husbands a mumbler?

42-15495677OMG! If there isn’t one thing I dislike more than a mumbling man, ah yes and of course as the stars would have it that my husband mumbles. I’m sure we all talk at a whisper when we cannot speak aloud, or after heated discussions when you are trying to calm ourselves. However, there is something about a mumbling man that doesn’t sit well with me. My mindset about it is if you are a man and you mumble then have the gusto to say aloud what it is and get it over with. Am I wrong? Am I alone in feeling this way? The funnier thing is it appears he only does it with me! Perhaps it’s my way to get over this issue or maybe I come off so strongly in conversations an debates that he only feels he can mumble his points long after we have discontinued. Whatever the truth may be (which I’m sure I will never know) my hubby mumbled today and it just set me on edge!


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