Something about Springtime in Chicago…

I awaken to notice blossomed trees, blue skies, and a crispness is the air reminiscent of summer. The view from my window calls me quietly while I’m rolling over trying to catch the last two Z’s that escape me. “I don’t want to potty Daddy,” I hear in the distance and as I decide to finally roll out of bed I am reminded of times in my childhood when the breeze blowing through my window felt similar. I can’t say that there aren’t other places I have visited or vacationed that don’t feel as good and sometimes better especially all year round however, there is a distinct feeling that Chicago offers in it’s warmer seasons.

If I could bottle this up and sell it please believe that I would this air is warm, this air is welcoming, this air sparks creativity. I look forward to this feeling every year even though it inherently means I also have to think about watching more often what I eat so I can have some sort of figure to show underneath my summer clothing. (Smile) This will be my second full summer with my daughter of 2 years and it will definitely be interesting to see what she gets into and then again as I think about it lol sometimes not.

I feel something wonderful coming my way and yet I can’t describe exactly what it is, I just have a definite feeling almost in my very bones that there is something great arriving for me. Sometimes the best gift you can get is inspiration, because it is the very thing that fosters the production of ideas. This welcoming air of Springtime that has all of nature bowing and blowing in the tiny breezes is serving up just that; inspiration. The inspiration to do and to be, to say and to go, the inspiration to be heard and be seen; the go ahead or green light if you will. If you don’t believe me just take a look around, check and see if the store fronts have opened their windows in Lincoln Park or if stores have adjusted their hours, if children play longer in parks and frequent the zoos or if life guards are on their posts.

There is something about springtime in Chicago…


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