Random Thoughts

It’s no secret that these are trying times for many in America, and though various news stories and the like gain our empathies it’s much different needless to say when these crisis hit home. Yes my family and I have been affected by some of the symptoms of this economy but honestly in the grand scheme of things much less than many folks. (Thank God!) We also have experienced tremendous growth during this supposed time period of great financial strain and uncertainty. So how do you balance out the good and the bad? Well being  a Christian my personal belief is we are tested to mature in our faith and even though at times situations seem uncertain we never know what God has planned if we just wait and trust wholeheartedly in him. Those words come off smoother on this blog than they do in reality but I’m sure there has got to be at least one blogger who agrees with me.

Sometimes we plan our entire lives or at least multiple years in advance of what we will accomplish and when, I’m finding out that our plans no matter how detailed, researched and neatly packaged are not always sign, sealed, and delivered. Sometimes God marks packages return to sender when they don’t line up with what he has planned that is necessary. Other times the package gets lost in “limbo” if you will until we are in a place to fully understand and efficiently bare the responsibilities. Then there are times when we get extra large or even smaller boxes and after finally removing the packing materials what we thought we were getting versus what we have recieved is quite the opposite and we wish we hadn’t of opened it at all. Every once in a while we recieve unexpected next day mail and the mail continues coming and coming and coming, and you don’t exactly know from where or why but you just thankful.

No matter where you fall at in the spectrum just remember that though the outcomes may seem so uncertain if you hang in there with God he will certainly make it worth while!


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