That’s a no…right?

After taking an assessment for a company I was contacted by for an interview I was emailed a letter from the VP of HR and it read…

“I can also tell you Tonisha that after reviewing your resume and comparing it with your Online Application, there are few candidates we have a greater interest in interviewing.

Please be assured we will do our best to schedule your first interview as soon as possible.  The best estimate I can give you is somewhere between a few days (likely) to as much as a week or more before we’re able to schedule you. An Assistant Careers Director will then contact you by phone to schedule your first interview with a Senior Careers Directors. We have not made our final decisions yet  and very likely will not until we complete your interview process.”

Is that not hilarious and then not so much…now why would I still even consider interviewing with this company after that remark? It’s like have the kahunas to say no but not really so we think there are better candidates but in the vent that we are wrong we want to interview you so you can potentially be available if our conclusions were wrong.


Corporate America and just company HR and the hiring process at large has always intrigued me. Perhaps I should have majored in HR and psychology so I could have the right combination of theories to assist revamping individuals like this…?


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