What To Do Now?

It’s 4:15 and I realize I’m only an hour away from a planned night out for my mom’s birthday. Today has just been a continuation of compu-time and so much so the place where my laptop sits is hot. I feel like everything I do has meaning and yet it appears a lot of times that it doesn’t and too often even when I’m so busy I forget to eat (unfortunately too rare) I still feel like my day has been so unproductive. I know what it is, those darn I’m almost 30 and still haven’t found or started the gig of my dreams blues. I try to remind myself that I haven’t done too bad for what I have accomplished but deep within I’m always searching to do more. I am always so busy almost 2 years of down time minus when I was starting my first entrepreneurial feet, but us super-independent busy bee go hard types are never satisfied.

When I am finally able to just let go and say if t happens it does and if it doesn’t well then so be it will be the times when everything God has for me will fall into place. I’m almost sure of it, but please believe me when I say typing that is no where near half the battle and it’s easier said than done! However, I do have options of things I could pour my time and efforts into they either don’t pay, are apart of everyday life anyway, or seem rather unappealing. However I persevere as I press toward the mark (biblical yes) God’s got a calling on my life it’s just a matter of time that my true purpose is revealed.


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