Tacos, Tantrums, and Traumas

In a mildly crowded environment I found myself thankful, yesterday hubby and I took my mom out for a birthday dinner along with the mini me and younger brother. It appeared we were all having a great time just as I pictured we might at the onset of imagining the idea. How many of you recognize when you plan things out most times they never go the way you planned and when you just take a go on impulse or by accident many times you have some of the best times?

Moving along, we make our orders and everyone is enjoying simple table conversation and the occasional joke. Of course no sooner than we get our food my mother is dissatisfied with the meat to taco ratio she has received and after clearing the rice and beans from her plate decides to speak with the manager and see what his intentions are on making her wrong right. The manager extremely busy asks what he can do as she inadequately explains what is wrong with her food, “See this…and look over here…it’s not…I’m not…well why…?” if you are confused great now you feel the plight of the management. We were all in awe as probably we shouldn’t be because my mother is a firm believer in getting ALL of your money’s worth as well as every 2.5 days reminding someone about how to really perform as a manager via her past management experience (no not really 2.5 days but when ever is exaggeration never funny?).

After this “dilemma” being solved by extra taco meat and an apology my daughter gets the green light to throw a couple of over due tantrums to even the score for too much attention being placed on the taco and not enough on the “baby”. After picking her screaming frame off of the floor and walking to get her coat we then realize that wasn’t her only surprise in store for us, let’s just say so much for saying I need to go to the toilet.  A pretty eventful birthday dinner for mom and a classic family night for us.

Where does my brother fit into all of the madness? Yes, I have not forgotten that I included him in the beginning description and have yet to describe his contribution to this fine dinning experience.  He kicked the crap out of my shin attempting to secretly inform me he did his part in informing our waitress that it was mom’s birthday so she could receive the usual birthday chant, fizzle, and free ice cream cup.

Happy Birthday to Mom=Free, Birthday Dinner for 4= $70, Hour long discussion on customer service, tantrum throwing child, and bruised shin=Priceless!


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