mr b

A few hours ago I was burdened with the news that a great teacher, mentor, community activist, and family friend was brutally shot in the head and killed in his home. No news has been shared on motives or suspects. I can’t believe how evil and cruel this world is, and though I’m no stranger to contemporary media (obviously)  it’s always quit shocking when something occurs that’s close to home.

I can remember some of the lessons shared through this most articulate man and also some of his crazy commentaries for adults and kids alike who did not take the time to better themselves in study, or those without plain commonsense. “Man…you are dumber than a box of rocks…,” he’d often say to pupils who wouldn’t even try or adults who tried to convict him for his no nonsense approach to life and teaching. These days people who “keep it real” or are overtly outspoken obtain praise from the media  along with other societal accolades. It appears with every sudden or unexpected loss of life most times you hear how sweet and caring a victim was; though many of the reputations may not be true.

Mr. Butler broke the mold when it came to teacher’s who go above and beyond to inspire children and encourage them to go above and beyond what they’re best efforts were. His memory and his knack for teaching, business, service and community will live on through the multitude of lives he touched. He will definitely be missed and it is my sincere hope that children everywhere and even my own daughter will have the opportunity to have (many) at least one teacher that will stretch and inspire her the way Mr. Butler inspired me.

My deepest sympathies go out to the Butler family along with my prayers.


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