Take 1 for the Team

Today I washed my daughter’s hair and as usual I dread the minute down to the very second that I tell her what is happening in hopes that she will act accordingly and follow mommy’s instructions. Of course who was I to believe that would be even remotely the case? As I try every tactic to distract her, comfort her, and even bribe her nothing works. This girl will cry at the drop of a hat if someone even touches her hair when she doesn’t want them to.

I decided to try a new comb when it came time to comb out the kinks and forewarned my husband to cover his ears for the battle was about to begin. However to my surprise this time out of all times she barely cried and between being shocked and thankful I guess I forgot when it was all said and done to dry her off. As I was gathering her things she shook her hair and all the water flew all over me, on my hair, my clothing, in my face and eyes.

What can you say no real tears, her hair was washed without her screaming and the only thing I had to endure was getting dressed again and drying my hair. Ok I’ll take one for the team…


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