Father’s Day Wrap Up

So yes I have been away for a while but for good reason, my days and nights were being consumed by all that big brother all mighty internet had to offer (facebook, blogs, twitter, business etc…) I had to put a pause on a few things and regroup. Back in perspective and ready for the next challenge I’m still in the running for America’s next top wifum do it all! So yesterday we celebrated my hubby’s 2ND official Father’s Day since the conception of Lailani my beautiful and intelligent ham of a daughter (smile). It seemed the time was endless yet moving so fast that we couldn’t accomplish all we set out to do via visits with family and spending time together. In the end we got it done and had a wonderful time enjoying one another. I witnessed male bonding and emotions that I never thought I would and realized why I was purposely placed in the families that I am.

Witnessing my father shed tears of joy realized through probably his best father’s day yet topped with family, friends, BBQ, and his pick of desserts and gifts. It really amazed me to ponder on the fact that he felt perhaps he wasn’t being shown love. Even though we think we honor those we love with words, and hugs those are our ways of showing love but we never truly know if another feels loved until we identify what they deem love is and how they feel love should be and or even could be expressed where they’re concerned.

It’s amazing the stigma that is placed on father’s especially in the minority community. Yes, some for good reason because of the obvious factor that many are daddys and few are fathers however, some if not a lot of those true to life stereotypes can be found untrue if we all take a closer look. A salute to all the men who step up to the plate and handle their responsibility like a real man should and a double salute to single father’s who do what they must and father their children. If this father’s day you felt unloved, under-appreciated, or unrecognized for your efforts to be and do all that is required and might I add whatever that may be when done to the best of your ability take this moment to take in a breathe and realize the huge daily contribution you make.

You are a large portion of the puzzle as to how and why a community will thrive, one less inmate will be checked in, more points added to a GPA, fewer negative teenage statistics overall, and ultimately a reason to be proud come father’s day 2.0 when your son or daughter is fully capable of honoring you for your effort and hard work through time spent, gift(s) given (perhaps), grandchildren conceived, or simply just being a very necessary edition to kindhearted people on this earth.

Ciao 😉


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