Destroy & Rebuild 2.0

No one knows the power of destroying & rebuilding like those who have suffered from disasters alike 911 & Hurricane Katrina. Though this pic is to help drive home my message I would never intentionally disrespect anyone and my thoughts & prayers still go out to all who lost, couldn't rebuild, and are yet attempting.

No one knows the power of destroying & rebuilding like those who have suffered from disasters alike 911 & Hurricane Katrina. Though this pic is to help drive home my message I would never intentionally disrespect anyone and my thoughts & prayers still go out to all who lost, couldn't rebuild, and are yet attempting.

It’s been a minute and of course I have updating to do by way of entries. So much to do and so little time isn’t that what we all claim? We spend so much time focusing on the big things in life that we miss the small things. At the time they appear by the wayside but as they say hindsight is always twenty twenty and whomever created that phrase couldn’t have spoken more eloquently. The small things seem to be what we pass by to get through the day or even a means to an end sometimes.

Let’s ponder for a minute…what is your daily routine? Wake up hopefully a shout out to God (most times not) shower and or cook, get dressed rush off to work or school, fight traffic, constantly thinking about what needs to be done and what you will actually accomplish. A break to grab food “fast” or snacks and back to knocking off things on our list until we leave, pick someone up and or fight traffic and weave around folks so consumed with their own checklists you attempt not to collide. Only to assist yourself or someone else, cook dinner read up on work, homework, blogs maybe kick your feet up once it’s all done again only to fall asleep while pondering on what you didn’t do and your new check list for tomorrow. You say your thanks to God for the day and drift to sleep in the middle of your prayer only to have to hit snooze in what seems like 5 minutes later.

Of course there is always the flip side of that coin because just like we miss the small things focusing too much attention on the big picture. We also tend to allow the smallest of things to create our reality. We all know what generally occurs when we “sweat the small stuff”. Another simplistic yet very true and profound phrase. Just as we bypass what’s viewed as minuscule; we later get upset, loose relationships over, leave our religious standings, or commit random acts of sheer stupidity, ignorance, and or hatred based on even smaller things than those we neglected to notice. When does it END?

A lyric from one of my most favorite hip hop artists comes to mind, “Life’s a female dog but I’ll die if that female dog divorce me.” (And yes I typed female dog because I couldn’t get my fingers to type the word lol.)

I titled this entry destroy and rebuild 2.0 mainly because it is the very essence of my life right now. The last 9 months or more have been the very best and worst times of my entire life thankfully no one has passed (R.I.P. one of the greats in music history MJ.) however if I never was intrigued by this concept or took time to really ponder on what it truly means…well let’s just say GOD has a way of using LIFE to totally get your attention. Though a few of my readers know I will not self-disclose any further however as I stated this entry’s title definitely is true to life.

Multiple times in the last months I have been guilty of tuning in only to the big picture as well as allowing smaller idiosyncrasies to take the ranks and deter my focus. Of course there is a background to every story generally never told and when told usually incorrectly, but for the most part we control a lot of happens in this life. It all depends on your view and how you decide to use said perspective in conjunction with our God given right of choice. You see most of us read the word CHOICE and get excited with what we know it holds. The choice to do, to say, to be, the choice of what to allow, what to feel, the choice of where to go, what to partake in, the choice of what to decline and what to set your sights on.

Let’s say the beginning of these last 9 months began with me focusing on the big picture to the point that I lost focus of the smaller things that created a way to even get a ticket to view the big picture. (You feel me?) Later only to allow said smaller things to become so large and mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining that I could no longer use the tunnel vision I had high esteem for only months ago that kept me in the running of becoming America’s Next Top _________ you fill in the blank. The blank for those Tyra junkie’s is not model or at least not in her comparison but it can be used for lots of hats we wear and or attempt to.

Due to these very facts; things, realities, and in some instances relationships have been destroyed (some without regret and though this is another entry topic who know’s that not all things destroyed need to be rebuilt and yet I digress). Hmmm, to destroy according to, “To unbuild; to pull or tear down; to separate virulently into its constituent parts; to break up the structure and organic existence of; to demolish.” Sometimes things have to be destroyed in order to regain what’s real. Everyday we “destroy” things depending of course again on your personal perspective, we destroy food, figures, money, relationships, grammar, fashion, the list could be endless. However out of everything you could possibly destroy only a few can ever really be rebuilt.

Which brings me to rebuild also defined by as, “To build again, as something which has been demolished; to construct anew; as, to rebuild a house, a wall, a wharf, or a city.” Who’s glad for antonyms? Anyway, those things we’ve destroyed if we act attentively can sometimes be rebuilt. That in essence is where I am at, rebuilding things from the beginning. A great thing about starting over and or rebuilding is the ability to make changes. Changes alter and most times correct if we “choose” to utilize them in that manner. A lot of times and I am guilty as well we allow that mandatory changes to deter our focus and take our eyes off of the possibilities and put them on what we’ve lost. Even if what we loss is something we never had, something ingenuous to our existence, or something we never needed. What changes are you making? Again the late MJ said it best “Make that change,” and start with the “man in the mirror.” It’s definitely not always easy to rebuild, but it’s possible, and the best way to rebuild anything is to always start with you.

I join many I assume in claiming this as the last time I will have to rebuild due to error on my behalf or the errors of others I have allowed. With each brick I will insure the necessary changes start with self and hopefully be able to maintain the memory of what was destroyed, the reason, and how I felt so this particular process will not have to be repeated. No blueprint 2.0’s for me…and yet I digress again.

One last jewel for you before I sign off as I stated we are blessed to have the ability to rebuild things we have either destroyed or have given the power to others to destroy. However let’s look a bit closer at these terms destroy and rebuild. Generally when they are suggested it is easily determined one perhaps is describing an empire, a structure, and or a city.’s definition for all three are as follows…

1.Empire-“Supreme power; sovereignty; sway; dominion.”

2. Structure-“The act of building; the practice of erecting buildings; construction.”

3.City-“A corporate town; in the United States, a town or collective body of inhabitants, incorporated and governed by a mayor and aldermen or a city council consisting of a board of aldermen and a common council…”

What supreme power or dominion are you giving to someone or something allowing them/it to construct or merely practice erecting “buildings” in your incorporated town, or collective body of habitation?

Ciao 😉


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