I still lack the understanding of why men do, say, act and just are the way they are. It yet amazes me because I have no problems with any males whatsoever besides my husband, brother and father from time to time. Every other male thinks I am the coolest most intelligent down to earth chick they have ever met. Though my husband, brother, and father may think one or all of these characteristics are true at one time or another we constantly butt heads about stuff in my opinion that is simply ludicrous.

This evening I recognized an air I have such disdain for and honestly I haven’t the slightest clue naturally from which it came? Since when did caring about someone so much become wrong, when you care about them you make suggestions and attempt to get them to see what you believe is the best point of view. Sometimes individuals can be so closed minded they walk all over your attempt and only focus on what appears negative to them being that if they would only take a moment to digest what they have hopefully listened to they would get a complete and full understanding. Then with that have the information in it’s totality to make qualified judgments and or responses from.

Perhaps I’m operating backwards I know I have felt that way lately, allowing things to past being soft when I should have been hard. It appears I am stuck because I want to always be in line with what my spiritual beliefs are but folks take that for weakness and prey on those areas. It just never ceases to amaze me.


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