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So many things have been happening in the last few weeks I haven’t been able to blog like I’ve wanted. How can I again give a brief account of my past few weeks  without skimping on the best details? Well in the wake of one of the most difficult times I was invited to attend a women’s event at the home of a friend of my family. Unexcited about attending I went and after judging the outcome of the event and the fruits of someones unknown labor based on the location and overall look of the surrounding areas I almost missed a diamond in the ruff!

The event was entitled, “Women’s Power Break Luncheon” and it was gorgeously set up in the back yard of one of the most unexpectedly quaint homes in the the beginning of the south shore neighborhood. Everything was set out beautifully and I received so much confirmation, wisdom, charge and overall knowledge. I was told of something only I would know and from that day to this I have been running with expectation. I was told to journal each blessing and event of spiritual significance in life and during my prayer time so I could later return to review basically my blessings and I have recorded already 10 since that very day 2 weeks ago now.

I left that luncheon with contacts, a sense of inspiration and the potential for 3 contracted projects for my business! If you are a small businessman/woman or consultant you understand my reasoning for using the exclamation. Continuing on the strength I have received got tested last I wrote but since then I have been slicing and dicing life’s lemons to make the best-tasting lemonade anyone probably has ever tasted. There is nothing better than a renewed sense of self and God’s love and divine direction in your life.

I’m going to fast forward to last Sunday on the way to praise God at my own church which would later become one of the best services I have experienced there almost this entire year. My hubby and I won tickets off a local radio station to attend an unknown Christian conference at Moody Bible Institute. Upon registering my eyes were open to a different way of college living I never fully knew or even explored the fact that actual Christian college and universities existed let alone that there was one right in the home of my own city. The Moody Bible Institute let alone the conference seriously impressed me and created this desire to consider full or part time attendance to assist me with my studies of the scripture that before 2 weeks ago I have spent 5 years on and off attempting to began if not more.

Moving on late night Saturday my father informs me of a conversation he had with someone with the God given potential to change the current state of my life. If I could share more it would blow your mind but I cannot let’s just say God is good and good all the time! Well I was reading and participating in one of Joel Osteen’s activity books for Living Your Best Life and some things occurred to me about myself. Self discovery especially TRUE self-discovery is a beast at times. You can find things within your self you can’t believe good and bad! Well this is week 3 and I’m in such deep anticipation and expectation for the best end of a year ever!


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