Life Through The Eyes of Children

It’s amazing the joy children can bring, even when you are down and or don’t feel like being bothered a child can smile and brighten your entire day. This morning I had the rare opportunity to spend time with my daughter and two nieces all of the same age and born within the same year. Nothing major, we skipped and played my version of Simon says (Mommy says), and took a time out at a nearby park. Amazingly enough it got my day going and set my day in motion with a great mood and of course revelation about life. We take things so seriously especially things we shouldn’t. I among others am guilty of this very thing. Look at children play and watch the beauty of their innocence. They can create fun from grass and a couple of sticks if you allow them. Though understanding the world viewed through their eyes for them often times is a bit difficult, learning rules, memorizing necessary idiosyncrasies and the like they still break down the world around them in very simplistic terms. They eat, play, poop, learn and sleep. Now, now don’t get me wrong of course their day is a little more than this bland description but in comparison to ours (adults) very simple nonetheless. There is a lot we can learn from a day in the life of a child. The way they view the world around them and everything they intake. From their excitement for life and learning to their resilience and commitment to discovery.


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