Can’t wait for nap time?

As I sit it’s 3:55 am and generally I am awake at this time working while my little one sleeps. Any mom can agree that the night time is one of if not the very best time to get things done and or just take a minute to breath from the day. However today I was thinking on the fact that besides when I am playing with my daughter or out with the family I am constantly anticipating the next time my daughter will be asleep. Harsh…yes I know…ouch! However, I am being quite honest everyday that I have a multitude of things to do which is basically everyday (smirking) I contemplate how much easier getting my goals accomplished for the day would go smoother when and if my three year old were napping. Readers: be honest I am almost 100% sure I am not the only one with these thoughts?

Usually another thought about it never follows but today it came to me just as we count on having Friday come as quick as Monday sets in, my anticipatory feelings towards my daughters naps is a bit unhealthy. I should be enjoying every minute Lord knows they go fast! Perhaps I am allowing myself to be too consumed with everything else however that would mean I am really not on my job as a parent and though I know I’m no Claire Huxtable I’m a decent mom! …Right? So I made a conscious effort to remind myself the very next time the thought entered my mind to go and hug her, perhaps play a 15 minute game to get in some more time unique from my daily activities.

I definitely felt good about the change in mindset and the fact that I even noticed I was pre planning nap times like we all spend money before we even receive it lol! Hope we are both the better for this thinking and that I can keep it up…?

Ciao 😉


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