This vid describes my mood…enjoy!!!

Sitting I think on the things that bring me the most joy out of life my mind w-a-n-d-e-r-s I think on a multitude of sentimental things, people, places, and occasions, but in the end it is YOU that I focus on.

I am most thankful to God for he allows and then blocks for reasons most times unknown. The pains of life cause us to change our minds most frequently…some things are said, other looks are given, certain situations seem insurmountable but a constant even in the times that appear most strenuous is YOU.

I love YOU at times I can’t stand YOU and other times I hate leaving your side. Breaks do us justice because they bring us closer and then even when I’m away I think of YOU. I observe YOU when it’s unnoticeable, I pay attention to the feelings YOU think are hidden and the suppressed thoughts that appear on your face when you dream.

I go to the Father on your behalf…I ask for covering, strength and peace.

We stumble and sometimes fall at times the encouragement comes late, no one is perfect this is something that becomes more and more understood as the time passes by and adds days to our calendar. We wonder why each of us are not mind readers, ok maybe it’s just me (smile) then it is realized that deep down YOU always want what is best…even when YOU can’t communicate or even admit that even YOU are not sure what exactly is best.

I am told we do better when we know better…I pray we know to do better in the future. Only God knows our future from our present but I claim it’s on the best path. Some don’t understand us at times nor do I…
At times I hate that I love YOU most times I like that I love you.
Even during the most fiery trials we are never separated for long we hold the keys to each others deepest desires and fears that’s true connection because it’s real.

YOU don’t understand me but you know me, I know you’d want me to say sometimes. I can’t understand YOU at times either I guess it’s a lot like life YOU don’t always understand it’s just something we either do or we don’t. I’m glad we choose to do.

It’s nearing longer than I’d imagined though others would laugh at the time frame. I want YOU to be comfortable more comfortable to be yourself YOU often say that about me and it makes me giggle I’d like to be totally transparent but I fear it’s too much for YOU to handle so I offer YOU b-i-t-e sized pieces until YOU are fully able to digest.

I think YOU have been sheltered sometimes too much, I add the color to your gray areas and YOU tone down my fluorescent bright spots with your home life tendencies. We balance and work on balancing this thing we have been chosen to walk out together.

YOU hold my hand and jump on beds on birthdays, YOU encouraged me to let down some of my guards and be open to feeling. YOU rub my head and erase my nightmares, YOU look me in the eyes when I don’t want YOU to…it heals my heart. I know YOU don’t always get it right and even when I say otherwise I still love you.

YOU deal with my idiosyncrasies and accept my pet peeves I introduce YOU to diversity and difference. I’m not always nice it’s not on purpose YOU still like me and I love that. Walk through this life with me and continue to hold my hand and I yours together we are unstoppable when separate we only put 1,000 to flight together we transcend.

I see YOU in my dreams I wonder if you feel my pains because YOU say we are one. YOU spoke us into existence when I first met YOU and I thought YOU were crazy…now not so much. YOU are so cocky it matches your scars I realize I help heal your wounds, some are deeper than the surface. Along this journey YOU lost some parts familiar to our beginning as I find them I patch YOU back together. I turn cold through interpreted perspectives YOU chip away at the ice that tries to cover my heart.

We will make it or die trying or perhaps we’ll just die after we make it…YOU make it cool to be ordinary but with me YOU act anything but…

YOU dusted me off when I fell, I created your boldness and upgraded your style YOU think otherwise and that’s ok. We make the best team and sometimes that makes others angry…we laugh at the snickers and enjoy their doubts. It’s said we have a 40/50 chance with God we prove them all wrong and just like that…we move on.

This is for YOU…Papi 😉


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