As I type I realize I have no words for the title of this new post, nor pause for how random what I will discuss will be. Could it be because it hasn’t come to me or due to the fact that I am at a loss for words due to the ever popular book “Push” that I am reading? I vowed like many others that I would read the book before viewing the motion picture adaptation “Precious”.

The material is pretty heavy…obviously prior to reading I knew it would be however one is never really fully prepared to read the disturbing things published in this book. The thing about it however is the fact that this is descriptive of  lives everywhere.

As if the bombshell of a story exploding on Oprah with McKenzie Phillips wasn’t enough? For those TP (Tyler Perry) fans he also got some of his power back by allowing his blog subscribers in on some of his horrible past. The question that comes to everyone’s mind quite obviously is why? What would make a person do such horrid things to a child or for that matter any living thing?

Yes, there are sicknesses and various terms to describe what society and medicine have proclaimed various behaviors to be but it’s much more than that like sheer evil to be exact. It makes me forever grateful that no matter the things that I have endured from childhood hence, they were never as bad as the description in this novel. Jesus!

A while back I read a book at the advice of a few coworkers called “A Child Called It,” by Dave Pelzer it was horrible in itself the unimaginable things done to him. However, in the african-american community we know things of this nature exist it still is kept quiet and so to read “PUSH” just reminded me of that fact and of how blessed I truly am.

Folks life is so precious (no pun or advertisement intended) and the thought is seemingly so cliche but you never realize it until you lose something or are tested to endure. One outstanding lesson besides cherishing the “gift” of life is studying resilience. Seemingly the individuals in these books have it and many others in less or far worse situations. What is it that makes them resilient? What gives them the courage to live, to try again, to love, to forgive?

My friends it’s not a what…it’s who? I am quite confident that it’s a force larger than you and I and though I am not one to push my beliefs by now if you read any of my posts you know I am a Christian. I most definitely think it is He who gives the power of resiliency through forgiveness. Yet everyday you and I find it more difficult to give passes to local idiots speeding, or clerks taking to long in line. Oh the horror and yes I am guilty of it as well but let’s make a stand and commit to forcing ourselves to improve!

We (well most of us) wake up with total functionality of our bodily members and organ systems, we live in safe environments and have comfortable lives. Yet we complain, we moan, and groan about things we either can’t change or things very changeable but are just too lazy to put in the effort both knowingly and unknowingly!  Let’s take a stand to know to do better, to be better, and to care.

Nothing is better than the love of Jesus Christ come on folks you witnessed it first hand this week on every news station and site. Guy intends to rob clerk, clerk begins praying, guy pauses rethinks and kneels to pray. Don’t want to over glamorize the situation but it is a true testament that God is real.

Just wanted to leave those tidbits for you to continue to meditate on through the week…
Ciao! 😉


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