Random thoughts @ 1:04am

The more you lose the more you appreciate…right? That is the general concept. However, if it’s through consequences that one learns what happens when the tide is low and everything appears in place? How do we gain appreciation for the things time changes?

When you are young you feel fearless and the thing is, most of us don’t even recognize that until something happens and knocks us off our feet.

We spend a lot of time trying to obtain, impress, hide, and store.

We attempt to obtain education (hopefully), material things, validation from others.
We attempt to impress friends, family, significant others, parents, bosses, and anyone we feel is watching.
We hide the truth, our truths, feelings, thoughts, scars, fat, problems, opinions, questions, and anything that could perhaps make us more vulnerable.
We store lies, the past, junk, guilt, unforgiveness, pain, knowledge, money (hopefully), and secrets.

We fear the unknown even when most times the “unknown” is something that we understand perfectly but our denial of that understanding hinders our ability to distinct reality from fiction.

We sit in conversations with answers to someone’s questions, and questions that will spark answers.

We blend in knowing we’re no social, educational, religious, or societal chameleons.

We take certain freedoms for granted and abuse others.

We attend church, conferences, gatherings, and socials that only encourage us for minutes when we know the requirement for greater lies thirsty deep within us.

My random thoughts @ 1:04am…


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