New York New York

So I’m taking a minute to blog in between getting ready to choose an outfit and taking this surprise trip to NY all in while the silence of this now empty apartment grants me the opportunity. My family left to visit the wax museum in Times Square, and my cousin had to yet again go to work another day at his very time-consuming and non-glamorous job as a dancer in the Broadway production of the Lion King (of course I’m joking on the non-glamorous part lol after 3 years he may disagree). This impromptu New York trip was a gift to me by my aunt and I will never be able to thank her enough for the break, a long overdue vacation, and a dream no longer deferred. Growing up it was my dream to live in New York and even though that never went according to my plan I figured by now I would have visited NY dozens of times. It’s quite interesting the one place I just knew I would go to I had only visited for 30 mins of layovers or via expressways taking trips to other states on the east coast.

With that said this trip has meant more than the pictures with cast members, street vendor steals, ritzy stores and flashing lights, and the other hundred various things NYC has to offer. I think out of everything the most enjoyable time I will have besides seeing my cousin so gracefully and effortlessly dance the stage of the Minskoff Theater, and the natural comedy stylings of my aunt and little cousin Jacob will be taking the A train alone from downtown to uptown. Yes, you read the text correctly out of everything this small 25 minutes on the train will be the most fulfilling because it puts the icing on the cake (cliché I know) for me.

There is a sense of familiarity in the air for me and I can’t seem to understand why, one synonymous with a native New Yorker or a foreigner that has spent most of their time here in the city. I’d truly forgotten about yesteryear and all of my plans as they had been replaced by my latest desire to live in Italy. You never know how things will happen, and most times if they will happen at all but no matter the amount of time it takes a check mark made is another goal accomplished indeed. I now reclaim all those old desires, goals, and dreams of my youth not to sit and fantasize, and not to await until they happen or keep them close to mind and see how they happen. However I reclaim them because nothing is ever impossible and just because something seems effortless to pull off or to large to even fathom doesn’t mean they are impossible keep things alike close to your heart so that when they do take place the journey, the wait, and everything in between the dream and the pay off is just that much sweeter!

Ciao 🙂


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