Hello all it has obviously been a while since I posted this post was birthed from a status posted on my Facebook account about the laughter.  The post read…

“Tonisha Swanson is lol @ my Lai her laughter is so genuine…ah childhood (most) have not a care in the world…Lord help it remain that way and bless the children whose laughter has been snatched by evil…”

When I posted this I was watching my daughter laughing effortlessly more than likely about nothing but since she is only 3 to her when she laughs it’s about everything and there is a certain beauty in that. Can you laugh at everything or simply anything just because? If your answer is yes, is your laughter genuine? Do you use laughter to cover up pain?Anxiety? Fear?

After this thought it later came to me about how sad it is for a child’s laughter to be stolen and various ways or reasons a child’s  laughter would disappear.

There is a beauty in innocence and just as innocent as most children are before (some) are taught otherwise their laughter has an innocence about it as well. However, there is so much evil in the world (and I’ll stop at that description) just hatred and pure evil that lives and breathes among many and within many. This very evil would cause people to destroy even the laughter of a child. Painful to even fathom the hows and whys.

The next time your child or a child around you laughs and perhaps it’s a little too loud or a bit bothersome let it pass and be thankful for that child’s laughter and that it and their innocence is (prayerfully) still intact.



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