Happy Life Happy Wife

Hello all I know it has been a minute since my last post but forgive me and let’s dig into my subject…

The world would be perfect if men knew what women were thinking or so the classic stereotypical thought goes however more than likely the relational dynamic would be imbalanced.

Today my daughter gets a gumball from the quarter machine, before I can help her she puts the whole thing in her mouth and after I make a comment about only having half of the gumball my husband was ready to add his commentary seemingly combating and defending his rationale as to why he disagrees and how I tend to take the fun out of our daughter’s childhood by needing to control her neatness, worrying about safety etc. I thought to myself “man…that was a harsh statement over a gumball!” We talked a minute or so about that until my attention to the subject was diverted by my daughter’s backseat antics as we drove home from the store.

I continued thinking about his comment and how throughout the last few months comments alike these dramatic statements have been increasingly finding their way into his thoughts. Of course there is nothing wrong with having an opinion. The problem is he is allowing them to leave his lips lol, oops did I just type that? Moving on, this situation never left my mind and now has started this backward wave concerning things that are most times better left unsaid or even undone within marriage.

The fact of the matter is besides an argument it is a given neither party is out to intentionally hurt the other by word nor deed. However it seems that it keeps happening no matter how unintentional. I know, I know the why may or may not ever be answered depending on your desire to know and all the extras in between but  it doesn’t mask the truth that some of these instances are just plain hurtful.

Hey call me sensitive…whatever!

Continuing but with a slight digression what do women really want? Ha! Most times we don’t really know but what I do know is the list is more than likely endless. However, you all can start by being a but more sensitive but not so sensitive we question masculinity. Also when we are angry and please guys…get this, when we are angry take our lead! If we need alone time leave us alone, if we need to vent let us, if we say we need to talk take it, and if we cry and walk away let us but don’t let us get too far. One important last tidbit (if you will) we want MEN, just as badly as we’d like our way all the time we’d prefer a challenge just as you and we really dig being pursued. When a women says you are not acting the same as you used to or what happened to the (fill in the blank) I used to know it means something. A lot of instructions yes but this is good instruction right here lol trust me. Also know that these things will change yet remain the same so just as we’d hope you will remember the last instance (which you do need to remember) that won’t always dictate our response for the next.

While you scratch your head and think on all the stereotypical names women are known for or how difficult relationships are due to the female attitude and our supposed inability to be  satisfied or even knowing exactly what we want, know this…if you keep us HAPPY your life will be GREAT! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You can get someone to do just about anything if you ask nicely.” Give it a shot try for one week some of these techniques and see if you relive some of the best times from when you first met and your “representatives” were dating before you both were introduced to the real folks behind the reps.

Hence the title…Happy Wife Happy Life

Ciao 😉


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