My latest angst

For the last few months respectfully I have lived in a bubble, doing so has caused me to study the actions and behaviors of those around me on a more consistent basis. Some of my findings are constant variables and others not so much but such is life right?

Today my hubby made a comment he said, “I am always slighted this person has (in so many words) always overlooked me…” my heart sank not because it was found to be true but because these are his feelings about a v.i.p. in his life and he feels there is nothing that can be said that will change this. It sucks! The defending instinct in me wants to call a meeting and have this hashed out but seriously if it’s one thing I know or have learned it is never to interfere with these “types” of relationships. Moving on this supposed unconscious disregard has seemingly been passed down to our daughter.

It irks me as I watch it time and again, others have witnessed it and also commented. There is a hope within me that a situation arises where this will be noticed and this subservient attitude will be adjusted and apologized for but is that just wishful thinking? I mean we are talking about a child who speaks her mind on the noticeable in-differences among her and her family members at 3 years of age. I have yet to break the paralyzed state I’m in to bring attention to this subject myself. Perhaps this is best a match won by prayer?

Well…the verdict is still out on that idea.  All I know is crimes against children no matter how large or small and yes I said crimes because not treating small children equally is just as damaging I believe as neglecting them all together  is a crime in itself. Just so I’m not totally oblivious these are a few things that I have encountered…

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii…oh hi sweety!” Then my daughter “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…oh hey”

“I want you 3x’s *door closed then finally opens*  Then my daughter I want want you 5x’s *door stays closed* Go with your mommy…”

“Look, look what I did…oh my goodness that is WONDERFUL!” My daughter “Look at what I did…oh that is good.”

Need I add more…perhaps this is all in my head and it is an attempt by evil forces to make cramped situations seem more intense but one could argue that. Anyway this was just a venting session…

Ciao 😦


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