What is it about music?

Recently family members and I have been doing some “research” if you will, we came across some information about certain artists in the music industry and how its quite possible that are being used or allowing themselves to be used by outside sources to carry out both messages and images subliminally and otherwise. Finding out the things we did especially being a music “nut” if you will really hurt my heart. Furthermore it’s not just “secular” artists its kind of widespread and the best term I can use to describe the craziness is just that crazy.

After coming into the knowledge of this I was quite discouraged because I was unsure of how I would proceed. Would I ever listen to music again, and how that would potentially affect my life. Needless to say I almost feel or maybe I am sugar-coating my statement by saying almost, I feel like I can’t live without having music as a part of my life. Now before you send me emails lol do I mean literally? Of course not however I feel very strongly when I say music plays a large part in my life and I never knew beyond the fact that I just have always loved to listen to music just how sincere the appreciation I have for it until I stopped listening for a brief minute.

I’ll have to be honest and say that I have begun to listen to music again but my goal is to be more selective in choosing what I listen to (especially being a hip hop fanatic…whole other story 😉 Though I hate to admit when I am introduced to anything musical I have to admit I was just introduced to the site www.lala.com (which I am listening to currently as I type) and I have already found tons of NEW music I like.

Lord help me on this supposed selective journey…I have a feeling it won’t be easy. Then again I suppose nothing ever is when you are trying to begin or break habits.


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