Theme Music

I had a beautiful night with my husband almost reminiscent of the old days (pre our daughter). Running errands in the morning I felt a sense of beauty about myself that I hadn’t felt in a long while. It seemed everything was right and I got unusual attention from many people some saying I was beautiful, others were just random hellos with compliments attached.
These were definitely more frequent than the norm and couple with a great attitude, the night before and noticing everything around me with a bit more clarity I’d say I even had a beat to my walk.

Running errands in random stores and even there folks allowed me to go ahead of them in line, and even the cashiers were quite nice (lol no dis to the cashiers that have good attitudes). Any who one grocery store I entered it would appear the music started as soon as I entered (more than likely they had satellite radio) however the song was “Brickhouse”. Trust me I’m chuckling as I type this at the mere thought that I identified with any lyric from the song let alone that I felt like it was played personally for me. However as I walked down the isles to what some in my mother’s time may or may not call a classic I pushed my cart to the beat and others kinds confirmed their “feelings” (for lack of a better word) on my looks.

I started thinking perhaps I shouldn’t allow myself to take all of the day in…then it came to me dang it the song is for you and you are having a moment, shucks maybe even a day roll with it! After that quick mental kick in the butt I decided to take everything else in that the day had to offer.

For your listening enjoyment lol here’s the video for “Brickhouse”.

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