And this is why I’m the Mama!

I’ve been teaching my daughter about using public restrooms by having her perform a few outlined repeated actions at every potty stop. “Lai when you come in close the door, take tissue line the toilet, use the toilet, wipe yourself, flush, wash your hands.” The same routine every day no matter where we are (public/private restroom) so that by school time I am confident she has the steps.

In church today as the part time videographer I was wrapping the end of Sunday service see my daughter through my peripheral view asking me to take her to the bathroom (as rule #1 being when you are going to the bathroom tell mommy but I digress) this small child somehow equated when you have to go to the bathroom and you tell mommy but gotta go its ok to go right where you are. Well ok perhaps her thought process wasn’t that mature…

The point to this story however being my three year old daughter made an executive decision to use the bathroom right where she stood would just happened to be in the main sanctuary of the church right behind me while I was behind the camera. Mind you I’m still taping, trying to focus, trying to tell her to go to the bathroom, and watching in sheer horror as she goes right in front of me and jerks when I ask her about it.

“Lai why didn’t you go to the bathroom,” “Mommy I had to go!” I have no pictures for this post (even you should be thankful) however my face is bright red and my temper…? Well thank God I’m in church lol the things kids do…


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