Happy Anniversary

This is my 5th wedding anniversary weekend I’m blogging at 8am from one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in since July of 2009 yet I’m awake. As I blog my husband’s breaths are slow and steady as he sleeps next to me and I am very intune for (lack of a better term) with my surroundings, my feelings at this moment and the gratefulness I hold in my heart for the occasion and this space in time.

We (the husband and I) have been through seemingly insurmountable odds throughout our 5 years married I remember sometimes reminding myself of things I did and “did not” sign up to experience or endure as a result of being married. As I type these words and are still very aware of those reasons even though they’ve past, it’s almost like everything is a blur and right now, right here is all that matters.

My husband has been recently working the hardest I’ve ever seen him so that we can prepare to move into a home, have a great Christmas, and experience the “pure bliss” in which I’m currently enjoying. He started the day off with showering even our daughter with gifts (yes before Christmas…someone is really happy) and I received the most beautiful bouquet of roses (traditionally prefer tulips) I’ve ever seen probably even received.

After dropping off the baby (whose 4 now lol) we headed to Hyatt Place Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. I was hoping it was everything it appeared to be on paper and photo even though truthfully if it were half as it appeared we’d already been blessed as it was a steal at 70 a night with all the amenities. We are conveniently 5 mins away from Woodfield mall and we ate (hubby’s 1st time) at Maggiano’s last night.

I was quite proud of myself for having a glass of vino which I ordered with my food (Yes I Did!) which I never drink or would in front of my minister husband but I made an adult decision and stuck by it (yay me). We spent the evening taking a quick look through the mall that happened to still be open getting some cologne/perfume for one another, stopping at Cheesecake’s for take home desert and coming back to the room for movies and more Dessert (wink).

As we went on through the night we spoke on pasts goods and bad, realized it almost always snows on our anniversary just like the wedding (seemingly like Gods covenant for our marriage), and he sung my fav Coldplay song to me which almost always makes me sentimental. I can’t think of anything that could make this trip better (though of course there are a few possibilities) but what I’m really describing here folks is called…contentment.

It’s a wonderful place to be and when we return home tomorrow night and pick up the little one and head back toward reality I hope there’s a sheer possibility that this feeling remains.

It took me a few hours to complete this post (as the rest was finished later today)…I fell asleep earlier and when I awoke I found my mr asleep on the sofa in the living room of the room we’re staying in. Part of me just wants to stay in and forget about the mall, possible Christmas shopping, and just cuddle with my hubby for the rest of the time we have left. Truth is we probably won’t lol but I’m satisfied with being content (yes I used it again) with that potential reality. It’s honestly not often we enjoy such comforts however that will change soon. I think this weekend has been a refresher course, in marriage, in living, in relaxing, and in love.

You see I’ve loved my husband since well honestly maybe unknowingly since we dated. I am one of probably not many that can truly say there was a spiritual connection to him almost instantly as we dated along with the fact he is very easy on the eyes the more passionate connection was easy to come by, even sometimes too hard to shake LOL!

Continuing on, this weekend meant a lot to the both of us and as I said though I’ve loved my husband for a long time I feel as if we reconnected somehow deeper and also that I fell in love with him all over again. As I sit and type this I wonder if that’s even possible??? Especially being I wasn’t out of love maybe with life in which we know we all lose touch of those things that are most important we also lose the value of things and people (even when we think we haven’t) that are right in front of us.

So as I look out at snow kissed tree tops and the ice sickles forming on branches I hope I can close my eyes and remember this moment when I need to, and I can’t help but to wonder if my husband feels this same magic? How could anyone not want a relationship that provides escapes like this that heal wounds in time, relax the mind, remind you of who you once were or perhaps who you’ll be all with the pleasure of knowing every minute of it is ok in God’s sight?

Enjoy the pics below and I’ve included a YouTube video link of an old Trey Songz song I’d never heard until this morning (through Pandora) a bit of an exaggeration but descriptive nonetheless of some of our moments hereTrey Songz- We Should Be.

Ciao 😉

My rose bouquet

My rose bouquet

Snowy view from our window.

Snowy view from our window.

Sleeping hubby.

Sleeping hubby.


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