New Me, New Us, New WE

2010 has brought about all kinds of sudden change for me and my family. It has been one of highest and lowest years I’ve had emotionally and one of the toughest that my marriage has endured and overcome. Now because I know most of the readers (if any) more than likely no my “complete” story I’ll refrain from discussing the brief synopsis appropriate for blogging however for those that don’t know I’m thankful to report it wasn’t a situation of infidelity just regular struggles some financial that more than likely nowadays destroy a young marriage like ours of 5 years.

Moving on my business really peeked this year I made more money than I ever have since its 1st year of conception and execution and it has since tapered off as it has many times in the past. My husband has held jobs with over 5 employers searching for the right combo that fits his desires, interests, and our family as whole and I’m happy to report that it is not only still in Insurance but that he’s found what I believe to be the best opportunity yet. Just recently I have started working basically full-time as an Office Manager at a car dealership its pt pay and full-time fringe benefits but I can’t remember being more thankful for a “job” in all my life though there are still kinks to be worked out I think what I’m learning alone is worth it but I’m sure some would say that’s arguable.

My daughter is thriving in more ways than one, she is super intelligent always surprising mommy with the word choices she uses and when she uses them. At times I regret she is still not in school however all that will soon change I just wish her birthday wouldn’t hinder her from entering kindergarten at 5 😦 Wherever she goes it will definitely have to challenge her and it will be a bittersweet time for us I’m sure.

My relationship with God is in a good place even though it can always be better and I never do everything I should as far as reading and praying enough I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year. I can certainly say my strength, belief, faith, and overall spiritual chutzpah have definitely been tested. Some days and nights in 2010 I prayed more than some of those little old ladies you’ll read about when you pick up your copy of the King James (and no that isn’t the latest Sports Illustrated edition about LeBron) lol.

On a personal note I got a chance to do a lot of exciting things on this journey I have unintended-ly labeled “My Journey Back To Me”. Some of these events and activities were things I probably would have done if single and or if I didn’t have Lailani, others were just spur of the moment and quite exciting. I have seen more old friends this year than before and have also done some unexpected traveling here and there. As well I had a good handle on my weight loosing 15 lbs at one time of which I have probably gained back at least 7 but hey I have a plan for this fat in 2011 and boy do I with a vengeance!

I turned 30 this year also which will probably be 29 this April and 28 the next lol so if you’re reading this commit it to your memory. God had me deal with so many things internally this year forgiveness, self-condemnation, desire, and pride and among others also accepting the idea that its okay not only to ask for what you want but actually believe that God can and will do it when you pray. As well I finally made peace with an old boyfriend that really tore my heart apart and though I didn’t get the apology I always felt I deserved him attempting to contact me alone said everything and with God’s help at the beginning of 2010 I was already over the pain and really ready to be emotionally available and open to my husband.

2010 also kicked off the year of “No Nonsense” this is basically my attitude of not having time for drama and speaking my mind (something in which I’ve never had a problem lol) but I think with a few people I went soft…I can say it with love but I’m definitely going to say it so get ready folks and let us pray that its said with love 🙂

2011 is dawning and it already is exciting I can see so much just at the horizon for my family things we’ve always wanted to do and accomplish. Things I thought I would’ve have done on my own by now and some God showed me that I wasn’t ready for no matter how I felt or it appeared I may have been.

With that said it’s 8:36am and I have only 20 minutes or so before it’s time for me to leave for work…yes work lol driving my own titled car how about that? Some may find it interesting that these things would excite me but it’s okay as the old folks in church probably would say “You don’t know my story…” but with that said I’m gonna bid my adieu until next post. Happy New Year!!!

Ciao 😉


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