Husbands, gotta love em…right?

Married life from young to old (I’m assuming) is always a never-ending tale of struggle and progress. The first few years in my case the first 4.5 lol were a bit rougher though non rougher than year one.

I’ve found that my husband and I have gotten to know one another more and have begun to really develop a deep connected mutual love & respect for one another also as our own personal spiritual connections mature.

Which brings us to yesterday…

My hubby God bless him was trying to be nice and surprise me with dinner after work. He picked me up and the family and I went to red lobster of which he tried hard to keep secret. I was happy to see him already so making an extra effort to do something nice was just an additive.

My stomach ached and entering the restaurant in good old smoky Indiana customers are still allowed to smoke. I tried hard not to be turned off but my facial expressions just didn’t line up with my thoughts. Continuing on my four year old daughter (whose really 20 in her own mind) began making comments about our surroundings, and conversation to me that were not for a four year old to say and the facial expressions she made in conjunction with all her comments just screamed “mommy get me!”

Moving on, the multiple things were all adding to my level of frustration and causing me to seemingly not enjoy the evening or time out so my husband felt I was somewhat unappreciative of the night. I felt like he couldn’t understand how I was feeling and also didn’t step in when necessary to speak to our daughter about her conduct and comments.

Why did I voice my opinion on that aloud? What is it with men and this supposed disrespect thing, you guys just have to FEEL like your winning at all costs or its shutdown-ville? That’s exactly what he did…shutdown. Then I’m left out to dry to be made to look as if I didn’t like his gesture, am over reacting, and couldn’t enjoy the evening he tried to create for me.

Husbands…gotta love em’


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