This is me…now.

It’s been difficult keeping up with this blog since I stopped working at home as much and though I’m in front of a computer everyday for work (yes one of those every day 9 to 5 joints I haven’t had since 2006) when I come home the last thing I think about is getting back on a computer. Trust me there is no underlying complaint about being employed though the place and pay aren’t preferred God has blessed me to do wonders with the money I receive, and if I told you how much you wouldn’t believe me…I’ll save that for me tell all book I’m writing (joking…or am I).

I was sitting here thinking as I do everyday a few times a day about my future, not wanting to waste another day, desiring to accomplish goals I’ve set for myself and where all that fits in with the multiple hats I wear. There seems to be so much I’d like to do and accomplish, couple that with the current responsibility load and a dreamer’s mentality and that leaves a negative amount of days in the year yet alone the amount of hours in the day needed to successfully handle the checklist I’m constantly adding items to.

I’m currently in preparation to put down DIME Consulting & Design, Inc. I have to revamp the idea though my past clients won’t dig that idea as some of them have been emailing me to do updates to their sites and the like, it seems my desired focus doesn’t lie there. Though I don’t intend on letting the entity go, I no longer desire to build sites on the daily though managing a retail space that handles this may not be a bad idea. There are a few areas I know I’d like to tackle and one of those is being active full-time in my husband’s insurance agency. Not only does he need the extra help and attention to detail he’s taking on large portions of work that could never be completed by one individual. This won’t be the end of my career journey as I still have tons of business ideas yet to try.

I was looking at some old pictures of my daughter now four and soon to be five (as she’ll tell anyone willing to listen and even those less reluctant) and I begin thinking as women often do where did the last four years go? I remember having a baby and now she’ll school age soon and that fact alone is amazes me. I feel like I’m rambling but its my blog so it’s okay well maybe not since I have also decided to begin sharing my posts through email (smirk) but looking over those pictures and weighing my life then and now caused me to take a detailed look at where I am and would like myself and my family to be.

The place I’m in is definitely not where I’m staying but perhaps for the interim I’m exactly on time. Two years ago or even one no one could have convinced me of this as I have been in such an extreme situation according to my life’s plan and where I saw myself and even my family. The best part about this however is that my situation(s) created a new dependency and not one for bad habits or even on another individual but a dependency for God.

So rambling and all this is the head space I’m in, tomorrow who knows?

Ciao 😉

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