The joys of time well spent

It never amazes me even through out trying to times God still finds ways to not only bless you but bring you joy. I have alluded to the fact on more than one occasion that the past 2 years have been some of the hardest for myself and my family. There have been some nights I couldn’t see how the morning would come but among it all I have also had some huge triumphs and extremely special and rare moments with various friends and family that have been some of THE BEST!

Friday night a group of us went to Jokes n Notes and then on a wild goose chase between Hyde Park and Old Town to find a decent place to get a bite to eat. When it was all said and done we ate at Ellie’s. Returning to find a sea of people in the streets leaving club and bar scenes to commemorate the evening we took a photo and had to uninvited guests jump in, it was all in fun and it just gave the evening which was already “interesting” some extra points.
This Father’s Day was wonderful I had my husband, my Father, and Father-in-law all under the same roof having dinner. This is something I have wanted to accomplish in my own home forever and though it was at our church it still turned out really nice. Not only that but I also had a memory about my uncle who also attended the Father’s Day service and dinner that resurfaced that I shared which even impressed me. I’m sure he didn’t know what to think as our relationship isn’t necessarily a close one and I have not that I can recall even told him I love him in my adult life though the truth is I do. We tried for the last two weekends to make things special for Grant and this weekend was nonetheless. Humorously every time we attempted to do something alone we not only had Lailani but our niece also. Instead of complaining about it being his day and not being able to do what he wanted he just rolled with the punches and spent time “fathering” on his day. Who would have known my aunt would call the next day with surprise dinner tickets and my mother to babysit our daughter while we spent a quiet evening alone enjoying each others company? Funny enough we couldn’t make it to the restaurant before it closed to dine in so we took our food to go and where did we eat it you ask??? Why, in the car of course while admiring fabulous homes and architecture in the Lincoln Park area. The homes, lofts, and duplexes there have always been beautiful to me but this particular area had more homes than clubs and definitely provided a Hyde Park-esque feel as HP (Hyde Park) is where I grew up and spent the majority of my life.
I’m interested to see what shall happen in the days to come, Grant’s birthday is coming up on Thursday so this weekend should be another eventful one.

Ciao 😉


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