You Can’t Cancel Loyalty- (Should Come B4 Michigan 4am Post)

So I have a hard time hearing no and an even harder time saying it. I tend to always over-book myself even though I always consult my schedule (mind you this is only in my personal life). Time after time I say yes to an event, party, gathering, or trip and realize that I’ve either spoken too soon and it comes back to bite me when I have to cancel.

So this weekend a friend and I are scheduled to attend a roadtrip to another mutual friend’s state to view the venue for her wedding (sweet), however this is the last weekend before my hubby and I move to our new place. It sucks because this trip was pre-planned and therefore it would appear my loyalities lie with my friends. However, my time, funds, and efforts are deeply needed to finish things at the new place with my husband this weekend.

I tried to cancel but it seems canceling would only create more dilemmas than it would to just attend. How’s I get myself in this pickle? Now even though I was once and maybe still a bit uber excited about this little gal-pal weekend getaway I feel guilty twice over. Once for leaving behind my responsibilities, and also for not being as excited as I once was and wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

Well tis called balance for a reason right? Welcome to things not so uncommon in my world. We’ll see how thr trip ends and I’ll definitely have photos…MI here I come.


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