A New Home

Hello all this is my very first post for “The Wifum Chronicles” on Tumblr. I’m uber excited minus the fact I can’t (as of right now) migrate years of posts from my original WordPress blog without copying and pasting every…single…post, but…oh well. If any of you know how its down please let me know because a sista needs help 🙂

Moving on the house is quiet all for the exception of my extra loud television what’s funny is throughout my thoughts on how loud it is I have yet to turn it down. I’m feeling a bit anxious tonight kinda like a kid on Christmas eve the thing is I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps its due to it being the eve of the weekend? Or maybe its because I’m finally feeling totally comfortable in our new home. Maybe its just the joy of the Lord and the expectation I have for Him to do something new in me and my life everyday. More than likely its a little of everything but with that said I’ll end this first post here.

Ciao 😉


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