Give Me Fifty Feet

Its amazing how cluttered our lives can become, you can be one of the most organized people and still neglect an area or two within your life. If you’re anything like me you’re a really organized person only utilizing half of your own natural or adapted organizational skills. We all have asked ourselves at some point important questions pertaining to the necessity of a particular place, person, or thing. Last night I asked myself again why I still have so many Facebook friendships with people I haven’t the slightest bit in common with besides a group in my past for which we may have both belonged. Pondering it for a second I decided I would make a real attempt to delete people I do not talk to on a regular basis, share any commonalities with that would provoke either of us from liking or commenting on one another’s posts, and or anyone friend, family, or foe that doesn’t add some type of enrichment to our friendship. I decided instead of the sneak attack I’d post my rational on my status and give no room for questions and hate mail on my decision. Ironically people agreed with me and I got a few likes out of the post. As I began my journey cutting down over 450 friends (which may not be a lot to you) I found it increasingly difficult to even cut out folks I honestly don’t know besides Facebook.

I thought “Sheesh, this is just horrible and I feel so mean.” However, once a sista got to deleting, clicking un-friend became easier and easier and the next thing you know I was even accidentally deleting folks I meant to keep all the while thinking about how easy it was going to become to read postings from actual friends and loved ones I WANTED to see on a more regular basis. After all my clicks guess where my friend count ended up? 359! What in the world, I know I don’t talk to all these 359 people frequently or even on a consistent basis…or do I? Well I decided to let these folks marinate a little while and see what becomes of it.

If I receive an email inquiry as to the reason for a deletion I may just post it here lol…we shall see.

Ciao folks!  😉


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