A Valuable Life

You never know when a loved one will pass, even our own days are numbered. For this reason among many others it is so pertinent to cherish the life that you have. Many have gotten the phrase “cherish life” misconstrued, often connecting it to phrases such as “live life until the wheels fall off” or even less constructive ideologies like “live fast die young” but when your number is up…its up and none of the regrets, apologies, and promises in the world can save you. A post on a popular social media site gave me information on two deaths this year, 1. the loss of my cousin (R.I.P. Pierre Sims) and 2. my cousin’s father who passed just this morning. Death is never easy, though that term is debatable depending on the type of life the person lived before they passed. In essence one cannot fully appreciate something a lot of times before it has been lost and though this statement has an unfortunate truth to it my advice to you in this moment is to appreciate the life you’ve been given and celebrate the lives of your friends and family.


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