Christmas In A Nutshell

This Christmas was one of THEE best and most unusual Christmas’ I’ve had. I’m so thankful to God that I was able to do just about everything on my list and place a smile on so many faces. When “they” say its better to give than to receive I am really beginning to wholeheartedly believe that statement. I liken giving and being generous to that of forgiveness its more for you than the other person hence the healing (forgiveness) or gift (giving) is an automatic gift within itself. 

Moving on, my daughter was uber impressed with her gifts but more impressed that even though we didn’t get a chance to make our traditional Christmas eve cookies Santa still found himself a snack (he ate mommy’s cake) and left a note to “prove” he’d come. Seeing her face when I read the note to her was priceless. There’s no greater joy with a child than to see them healthy and happy.

More importantly our Christmas was nontraditional  we got take out from our fav Chinese restaurant (that wouldn’t close if you paid them to), spent a good amount of time in our own home prior to visiting others, and enjoyed our 1st Christmas in our new home.

There were a few sad notes thrown into the mix as of few family members and friends lost loved ones or rushed others to the hospital. These things are never easy to deal with and due to just that there were some very somber moments in a few of the stops we made. Even with all of this I am still thankful for the time I had with family and friends.


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