French Fries

So its 1:52pm and this post has nothing to do with lunch time, food, or even french fries but its on my mind as I’m at work and hungry and french fries are always tasty 🙂 I’m in and have been in a great space today and everyday that I start my day off with prayer. I’m loving this feeling and I pray it continues as well as my consistency. When I began this blog or continued it more or less from my other two blogs via Blogger & WordPress I said I wouldn’t discuss my faith too heavily not as if I’m ashamed but just as many people get perturbed or freaked out on discussions, posts, blogs, etc that cover religion and this blog was/is to also put out things for business to the world. Though I stand by this not being a blog about religion (so not…obviously) nor one about my own particular faith (I’m so CHOSEN want to know more just ask) the question yet remains and came to mind today. How can I blog about my life or the likes and dislikes within it and consciously choose to leave or edit out a very significant portion? Why was this decided? How? It is with these questions that struck me today that I decided to include this particular part of my life as apart of this blogging experience. So there! 🙂

Moving along, if you have read my blog trails out in the WWW hemisphere you’ll know that they were both uniquely different. One discussing my business, likes, Chicago, etc and the other portraying more life as I saw and lived it. After growing tired of updating all the sources for which I share my thoughts, passions, strengths, weaknesses, and life at large I decided to combine most of it. Hoping to become less scattered, more socially centered as it relates to social media, and my sharing. I think it was a great idea but this thing is definitely a work in progress. Which is also my life story 🙂 So I guess that means I’m totally on track…right? Well anyway, looking forward to the ideas, photos, quotes, and content that comes to me to share here and hoping that you come along with me for the ride.

Ciao 😉


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