Good Advice: Responses via chat.

What! Girl you were supposed to stick-to-the-script! Sorry you’re down, this may be a lost cause you def don’t want to say anything else unless of course in the next few days you hear from him but now all your chips are on the table. If its 1 thing I’ve learned you never want to use all ur chips leave some so the guy can be surprised. It is what it is try not to be too down just start taking applications again lol its there’s never too many friends. I will say this it is my opinion and if I’m wrong I’ll apologize but its my opinion that your life is a bit cluttered. Like cluttered with things, trips out of town, multiple potential male friends, outings, etc they’re are some things in life some (understandably so) that you have to come to grips with. Forgive yourself, others, perhaps even ask for Forgiveness of things and spend a weekend crying, yelling, kicking and screaming and come Mon morning I think you’ll be on ur way to the new you ahem better you : )

My want for you as it is God’s desire for us all is to be whole. We are all fragmented in some way, shape, or form. We work on “de-fragmenting” throughout life but there are things, events, and people that sometimes prevent us from maturing (handle word w/ care its totally not a blow) and these “things” provide us with “crutches” that hinder our growth. You’ve changed some since we’ve begin to “rekindle” a friendship and I’d say its def for the good but we all have to walk the green mile my friend. 🙂

I figured you may have meant that but didn’t want to assume…change is good as the old saying goes but if your using this phone thing as something you can control in this particular situation where it seems you may have lost all sense of control (ie outcome of this situation, should have and could have etc.) don’t. This is one to chalk up, you’ve tried. We win some and we lose some but throw it all we grow. Drake said it best my friend “all these other dudes were practice”. You’ll get it and all else right. Go get some lasagna & fries from Lele’s that always cheers you up : )

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