“Happy Wife Happy Life”

Whoever coined the phrase “Happy Wife Happy Life” couldn’t be more dead on. Though this post has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with how incredibly joyous I’ve been since my family and I have moved I thought it was a good opener. Every husband should know if the wife is happy the whole house will run even smoother. Last Friday my family and I moved into a house though we are renting its my very 1st experience living in a home and everything that comes along with it, not only is it good practice for what’s to come as we desire to very soon finally purchase our own but there’s definitely a different feel living in a house vs. an apartment or condo which we have always lived in being very much a city girl.

The home is a bit of a fixer upper in which by that I mean its older and needed updating to become modern and of course match our desired look and feel but all in all its been and will continue to be a joy to work on. I’ve never seen my husband so into HGTV he generally tires from my massive amounts of watching the various shows but now he’s totally into it. This of course motivates me to do something every evening I come home from work, we’ve been painting and repainting and making to-do lists.

Its something about being home (and having one) that puts a smile on your face, no matter where you live or what you have do what you can to infect your personal style and comfort in the space you rest your head and gather your thoughts before you hit the outside world. Its definitely one of the ways to make your day easier and guarantee a smile and peace of mind.


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