I saw this video today and it shocked me to the core, it wasn’t the fact that crimes alike the one described here are still taking place as we know all over the world there are small pockets of ignorance and injustice in America and abroad. However, it was the take-charge attitude of this grass roots organization that was more than impressive. It reminded me of how I felt the first time I found out about organizations like Amnesty International, and movies like The Constant Gardener, and American cases like that of Troy Davis and how I wanted to dedicate even a portion of my time, efforts, finances, and life to the greater good on a more active level. Interestingly enough things change quickly when you have a family you began to loose the gusto that youth provides and trade it in for the greater good of your family. I’m thankful to have a sincere and true relationship with Jesus Christ so if nothing I can pray knowing that my prayers change things but there has always been a longing to do more. As American’s we easily become desensitized to negativity. If you don’t believe me ask yourself if you live in a high traffic or impact city “urban area” if you look out of your window for every siren you hear, or if you expect gunshots on New Years Eve, or if the news on the television still holds your attention more than a gasp or an ‘oh my God’? The truth is over time when we lose interest in something good or bad as a people or society as you’ll hear discussed in this video it is simply forgotten. If you’d like to get more information on the movement and or organization behind this video here is their website.

What are/were your thoughts after watching this video?


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