Leaps and Bounds

One of my favorite cousins and I had a conversation the other day. We don’t talk on the phone often but when we do its a good hearty conversation. I enjoy these times as alike a few other family members I have always felt so much in common with him. When we spoke he updated me on some things in his life and a few of his goals, things to come, ideas, and just God’s goodness. It was refreshing to listen and compare notes as hopefully everything we do in this life uplifts, encourages, inspires, motivates, and challenges us for the better (or at least that’s my desire). I would have never thought days later I would get a desire to do something, I mean the longing is always there for something more, something greater, or just to begin some new project. I believe that particular desire is something deeply innate within us that God alone creates. Its the boldness to get up and go that comes and goes and I sure pray I act while this feeling remains *procrastination rebuked* its always best to act while something is on your mind as time passes it usually gets overlooked by life. A few days later I had another good conversation with a friend and though our conversation was different the feeling to get up, go, and do was ever-present. I’m not sure if I even shared that I left that particular conversation with such a renewed desire to DO SOMETHING but she knows as I’ve told her before its one of the reason’s I’ve always enjoyed our friendship in times past.

Its amazing to me how the little things mean so much in this life and there’s inspiration everywhere if you look or have the ability to recognize it. I feel like I’ve blogged something similar to this post before. I probably will again when I feel the inspiration to, due solely to the fact you never know how it hits and assists others in their times of need or even a funky mood where you have this nagging feeling but can’t quite put your finger on what it is exactly. That void to DO, to BE, and or to GO.

So I asked myself, “But where…and when, how even?” In my quiet time with God this morning it was on my heart but never left my lips during prayer but God being so awesome allowed me to recognize He had already given me something to go on and then later confirmed it yet again through some cutesy pictures I’d find later while pinning on Pinterest (which may I just add I SO love Pinterest) ok I’m back 🙂 Any who, my last stop was to find a scripture to back up all of this goodness this is and was my attempt to verify through scripture my feelings and get in some good reading as well and so the following is what I came up with.

I read the King James version of the bible and look at different translations for ease in understanding The Amplified and NIV are cool but I just found the passage I wanted to share from Romans 8 verses 29-30 in The Message Bible.

Happy reading and get busy ANYONE can dream but not everyone will DO and that my friend is the difference of taking a LEAP and growing in BOUND(s).


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