So Impulsive

Yesterday I took off work hoping to finally attend to some very needed projects, attend a few appointments, officially grocery shop for the week and wash. Unfortunately among a few things our new dig lacks is a properly functioning mate for the working clothes dryer. Of course with yesterday being Wednesday (meaning it was a church night for my family and I) I had all of the hours between 10am and 6pm to get all of this completed.

If you are anything like myself you create lists on top of lists as also discussed in one of my previous posts. So of course I had a list of expected daily demands on deck for the day. Upon making checks to the list here and there my little eyes began to wander and see even more things that needed to be worked on and I’d make stops here and there. I thought of our messy garage and how with the winter weather I’d never even really ventured inside to take a peek of what needs to be cleaned etc. It was a gorgeous day in Chicago yesterday so why not tend to some outside cleaning eh? My hubby who just so happened to be at home breaking for lunch was called to the crime scene of a garage in efforts to help me move piles of trash.

He says “Tonisha, why do you always want to start new projects at the most inopportune times? Its windy today and the dust you sweep will just need to be re-swept. Besides, you know I can’t be around all that dust (due to a recent sinus infection) so…” Thinking about the fact of just how right he was I decided to concede and closed the garage door. Going back inside I tended back to my original list but not before my daily monologue on how much there stuff there is left attend to in the house. Without rebuttal (surprisingly) the hubby just sighed. I’m happy to report all the items on yesterday’s list were checked off minus two items so all in all I guess a pretty good day.


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