The V Day

Soooo today is the infamous Valentines Day, some prepare with days of pampering and the deepest knowing that they’ll receive something special and others openly rant on their discouraged attempts to receive or give gifts, reciprocated emotion, and everything that comes along with today. This in its self has always humored me, I can remember a time and one time only that I felt some weird innate desire to receive something from a member of the opposite sex. It was in elementary school and there was a list passed for people who wanted to pay a few quarters to have things like a tulip or a brownie delivered to other students. There was chatter everywhere, “I hope…I wonder…He better…she might.” Amidst it all somehow I fell in the middle of things wishing for something I never longed for, its not to say that when I received something it was never appreciated but I never expected it and I was just fine in other instances had I not.

It really tickles me how Valentines Day is so wide-spread and the day people just go bonkers over what will or will not be. Some as far as my Facebook page reports as to post supposed pictures of engagements and rings.  You can’t see me but know in this very moment I’m shaking my head at the antics. I wish, better yet I pray everyone get the love they desire and the love God desires we all receive but not because of a Hallmarked date. Its wonderful to celebrate the joys of love and being in love and if today is your chosen date to do so in the most non-superficial way (not that you need my ok) but I say do it up! I just really dislike seeing how distraught some individuals become when they receive nothing of any emotional sentiment, no real connection or tangible expression of love all of the other 364 days a year and this ONE day comes and they expect the world and fall apart if nothing occurs.

This Valentines Day my daughter on the other hand now in Kindergarten has her first classroom party that she’ll be old enough to remember. I previously didn’t make a big to do about V Day even with her but this year if I say so myself I poured it on pretty thick. Customized cards ordered via Vistaprint (to whom I’m putting on blast because I have yet to receive them), various candies, cutesy rulers, and other little dilly dallies for lack of a better phrase. When she woke up we surprised her with a new outfit and a charmed ballet shoe necklace and rings to match, she was thrilled to say the least. #Missionaccomplished

What did the hubby do for moi you ask? Well…maybe you didn’t (smile) but I feel so inclined to fill you in. My husband in his own little way has always been romantic. He in his own classic and quirky little way is ever-predictable. He knows of my feelings about today however he shows me he loves me throughout the year naturally as we just celebrated 6 years married this past December. In times past he has written me a song played on the acoustic guitar he purchased for me while we were dating in our first year (which I have yet to learn how to play), he has cooked, we’ve gone to dinner, even a picnic in our very own place. One time he took the time to cut strawberries in little designs and serve them. This year thus far he bought me long stem roses in a variety of pinks and reds :), one of which sits on my desk at work currently. We shall see what tonight brings and if all the day yields is time at the dinner table with my family, the flowers I aforementioned, and the knowing that our family is together and blessed that’s enough for me.

In correlation with this post, today, and all things warm and fuzzy at large I happened to hear in full a song featured in that movie everyone loves (and admit tingly I’ve seen) about a teenage vampire love story (smile). The song is called “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars I’m not quite sure if its just the beat or some of the lyrics but I like it and will share it below. I generally don’t include random music videos especially with all the crazy things in the music industry these days. Nikki Minaj the name alone and Grammy performance need I say more but I really do like Bruno’s song. Enjoy 😉


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