Too Soon

One of my closest and dearest friends mother has passed. Though she wasn’t my own mother in the weirdest way I feel a small piece of me rests with her. Its interesting in retrospect I know she favored me as my friend (whom I will not mention) and I have been bonded at the hip since we first met. When I was around her and the family I was always treated with kindness, respect, and just like one of the family so I guess in that regard its not shocking. She also always encouraged me in all I did and opened her home to me on many occasion, some when I was really in need of a getaway from reality. However, I still figured I’d only be saddened for the loss and grieve with my friend from a friend’s perspective. In situations alike this (of course) you become more grateful for your own life, count your blessings for the life of your own mother, and everyone you hold dear around you; this time has been no different.

I can’t imagine life without a parent and though I’m glad I don’t have to find out just yet the idea plagues me knowing the day no matter how far away it is, its always in the distance drawing closer as the years pass. Its incredible how invincible we feel as youths never having total regard for life and what it truly means. I don’t mean this to say all of us have or do live with a reckless abandon but at some point and time in our childhood and throughout life we don’t acknowledge this gift of life and how it really is only given to us for such a small time.

As I stated I felt and or feel truly connected and the gravity of that really perplexed me. I sat quietly and thought about things, prayed, and in my quiet time with God he reassured me of some things as I prayed for the strength and healing for my friend and her family. During that time I was reconnected with the old cliche of not appreciating what you have until its gone. I want to appreciate life, appreciate the ones with whom I’m blessed to share it, and give God the glory all the while.

In the midst of this loss happenstance that the world lost Whitney Houston. A major voice that I can totally remembering seeing the record covers to in my childhood home and recall her various songs being song among many. I wasn’t going to discuss it as many have already and more are likely to continue but the coincidence was just far too great for me not to at least mention it here. Whitney Houston with all of her struggles and fame and of course who can discuss her without touching on that melodic voice of hers…I pray for her family and Bobby Brown. Did you get an opportunity to view that video that went viral of him in concert with New Edition? What about the from The Wendy Williams show? My goodness and enough said.

Both lives one in my own circle and another I never saw, met, or was even within miles of (at least to my knowing). It blesses me to know my friends mom “Mama J” will go on to live with the Lord and I pray whatever happened, Whitney Houston was able to make her peace with God before her exit as well. Both lives certainly gone too soon.


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