Venus Vs. Mars

I have the unfortunate experience of often times being misunderstood and or situations not occurring as I developed them mentally. I never have understood why and though certain times its bothersome if I know my hearts intentions I can brush off the consequence or reaction of others, today has been a bit more difficult.

My husband alike many I’m sure neglected to share something with me and though it was nothing major a history of events would prove that its better for him to include me even in the smallest of decisions for sometimes he acts on impulse. More than recently one of his impulses cost a pretty penny and though it was not a vice (gambling, infidelity, addiction etc) I can clearly see a variety of these things within his decision. He keeps suggesting that I’m interrupting our present harmony with my “latest finding” or “dislike”.

When will he EVER realize “NOTHING IS TRIVIAL.”

Why can’t he hear what it is I want or need and deliver immediately and know that by doing so there are no repercussions, no antics, debates, or even expressions to be had? Will he ever learn all that I’m attempting to teach help him grasp? Even those lessons he has no idea he’s learning?


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