Who Says?

People like to put limits on you, have you noticed? No, really noticed? I’m not describing those nay-Sayers that have the guts to comment on all you do or don’t accomplish (at least they have the guts to voice they’re opinions) quiet as its kept they’ve never really mattered, they fuel motivation. I’m talking about those individuals that probably have lots to say and are too cowardice to share their “apparent” disdain for something they’ve probably never attempted or better yet haven’t the slightest aptitude for. The ones that moan and “uh huh” to your ideas. The same others that shrug shoulders at questions, raise eyebrows at ideas, and scoff at epiphanies. Doesn’t that just make your skin itch? Whose to say what you can or can’t achieve? Not in a parent-esque way, but more of a go-get-it type of way.

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