If The Shoe Fits

My thoughts on marriage and the hubby via my Facebook status…enjoy.

“I feel like slapping the back of my hubby’s head with my Grandma’s old house shoe sometimes, I just really don’t understand the man at times, but at the end of the day I love him because I know he loves Him and that helps him to love me even the more. With that said there’s nothing a little prayer, a timeout, and retrospect can’t resolve if you allow God to be bigger than your situation (don’t mistake this for being a doormat as God wants us all to exercise wisdom) but sometimes we (myself included) forgo the peace that’s already inherently ours and trade it in for confusion in the middle of a brewing storm when really we should use our peace to give us strength to tell the storm to pass. A little encouragement for my married folk and myself lol. Grant Allison I ♥ ya! #lifelesson99”

P.S. I haven’t used Twitter in a month of Sundays so if your seeing this post and have a comment do it through Tumblr.


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